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We specialise in whole of Business Strategy and Implementation.
Transforming your business into a Healthy and Profitable SME.

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For most Australian Businesses, Job Keeper will end in September.

Many businesses will be unable to comply with the eligibility requirements for the next round. Tax office deferments and finance deferments will also end.

By the end of this 6 min video, you will have 3 key frameworks that will identify the health of your business and a strategic approach to getting through to December.

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Transforming extreme financial distress into reliable, sustainable profits
in $3m to $75m turnover businesses.


We are the only consultancy firm in Australia that specialises in implementing operations and strategic processes to turn struggling companies into healthy, profitable ones.

Business Turnaround Services

is a full range of specialists including bookkeepers, management accountants, IT business process automation, managed IT and digital marketing.
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Business Turnaround Services
Cash Flow. Profit. Growth.

What Our Clients Say

Business Turnaround Approach

Turnaround Services Radical Change

Radical Change

Radical Business Turnaround requires willingly embracing radical change to achieve radical results

Business Turnaround Services Restructuring


Requires strategic plan with strong focus on project management of implementation.

Business Turnaround Services leadership

Cash Flow Management

Weekly management and forecasting of business cash flow based on business needs and cash cycle.

Business Turnaround Services stabilisation


Need to get urgent control of finances and other key issues fast to stabilise the Business.

Business Turnaround Services Healthy Business

Healthy Business

A Successful Business Turnaround will result in a Healthy Business and a valuable saleable asset.

Our Process

We are a national firm with Offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane with clients across the country.
We focus on assisting companies in the $3m to $75m turnover range. Business Turnaround Services can partner with you to assist your business to realise its full potential.

We begin with meetings with the directors and undertake an initial review of the business to establish its present position and current issues.
We review the current cost structure of the business thoroughly to determine true level of profit or loss. We will then work with directors to establish the cost structure needed.
Once the model for the future cost structure of the business has been established, we work with directors to clarify and the vision and for the business.
We work with directors to oversee the implementation strategies and appropriate simple practical reporting systems are in place.
To assist this monitoring, we institute practical operational indicators to keep management’s fingers on the pulse of the business.
Our weekly management meetings help to bring management’s focus back to dealing with the important issues that will move their business forward.

Our Services

Book a free of charge one-on-one meeting with our team of specialists including

Management Consultants

, Management Accountants, Bookkeepers, IT Consultants, Business Process Automation Professionals, and Digital Marketing Specialists.

Business Turnaround

Business Transformation, Business Restructuring, Cash Flow Management

IT Services

Managed IT, Business Process Automation, IT Project Management


Management Accounting, Bookkeeping Services, Compliance & Administration

Digital Marketing

Social Media Marketing, SEO, AdWords Marketing Web Development


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business turnaround services

Business Turnaround Services

We specialise in implementing turnaround and transformation of $3m to $75m SME businesses plus provision of outsourced services required by SMEs. We take a whole of business approach focusing on Marketing, Sales, Operations, and Financial Management, with everything being driven by the Target Net Profit Margin as a percentage of Sales, but nothing less than 10%. We have a team of specialists including Management Consultants, Management Accountants, Bookkeepers, IT Consultants, Business Process Automation Professionals, and Digital Marketing Specialists.

Meet the Team

Business Turnaround Services Advisor

Don Robertson

Head of Business Turnaround

Business Turnaround Services Client People Management

Gai Robertson

Head of Client People Management

Business Consultant

Ahmad Hadi

Head of Management Consulting

Digital Marketing

Jarred Stedman

Head of Marketing

Business IT Process Automation

Mario Matuguina

Head of Business Process Automation

Management Accounting

Daisy Rafinian

Head of Management Accounting Service

Business Administration

Sara Bulauitan

Head of Bookkeeping, Compliance & Administration

Managed IT

Francis Santos

Head of Managed IT Services


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