5 Pillars Of A Healthy SME Business

These will bring you Financial Peace if you score 7 out of 10 for each of the 5 pillarsi

  • Accurate & timely bookkeeping with full accrual accounting on a monthly basis and absolutely correct sales and cost allocations for each month, no cross over between months!

  • Profit & Loss account organised for management purposes.

  • Profit & Loss reports by major business units.

  • 3 way budgets, profit & loss, balance sheet and cash flow.

  • KPI reports monitoring sales and operations weekly.

  • Routine monthly Board/Advisory Board Meetings with full suite of Management Reports.

  • Starts from the top with the right Board and then CEO.

  • Simple Organisation Structure with clear lines of authority and accountability.

  • Grading of all employees as “A”, “B” or “C” for their current roles.

  • Clear documented job descriptions, employment contracts, and performance reviews.

  • Strong systems with fully integrated end to end processes.

  • Cutting edge technology.

  • A big vision clearly documented.

  • Simple, effective, and growth oriented business model.

  • Majors on the Major and not on everything.

  • Clear strategy for each business unit.

  • 20% annual organic growth attainable in most industries

  • Strong effective marketing strategy

  • “A” grade sales team

  • Simple KPI Reporting

  • Growing market share

Transforming extreme financial distress into reliable, sustainable profits in $3m-$20m turnover businesses.

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