Manual Paper Processes

Manual/Paper Processes eg timesheets:

  • Selection and implementation of Apps and integration with Accounting software

Spreadsheet Scripting

  • Linking and integration of a multitude of Spreadsheets

Cloud Based Software

Selection and Implementation

  • Accounting
  • Job Management
  • CRM

Software Integration

Integration of Standalone Software Programs

  • Saves double entry of same data
  • Improves accuracy and consistency of data 

Our Business Process Automation Team are very experienced in software selection and implementation on site and in the field.

Summary of Process

  • Improve business process, reduce manual procedure, and increase productivity by implementing cost-effective software solutions.
  • System Status
  • System Analysis
  • Business Process Analysis
  • GAP Analysis
  • Requirement Analysis

Identify business process pain points in your overall IT system to reduce cost and increase productivity.


Review and Recommend end-to-end software solutions that support business process improvement and cost reduction.

  • Document custom system design for IT system development.
  • Liaise with software vendors on business IT requirements.
  • Implement software solutions and provide staff training and ongoing support.
  • Facilitate and support business process automation and implementation.