Business Turnaround Services is a national firm with Offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Manchester and Birmingham with clients across the country. We focus on assisting companies in the $5m - $50m+ turnover range. Business Turnaround Services can partner with you to assist your business to realise its full potential.


Typical Client Profile

Turnover – Expected turnover range is $5m - $50 M+, but businesses that fall outside this range will be considered.

Industries – All industries are considered as the principles upon which we restructure businesses apply to all industries. In addition, our team has experience in an incredibly diverse range of industries.

Australia & New Zealand – We are happy to work with clients located in any part of Australia and New Zealand.

Contract/Fee Structure

There is no charge until a contract is agreed to and signed. We will not sign a contract until you and our team are comfortable working with each other and the directors of your company have confidence in us to deliver results.

Our typical contract is for a 12 month term with fee structure based on annual turnover along with an initial sign on fee and a success fee so we have skin in the game. As our fee is based on turnover it is always affordable. We do not charge on a time basis except for any additional business services that may be required such as OUTSOURCED bookkeeping, sales management, or operations management.

Our Services

Business Turnaround & Business Improvement services typically included in our standard 12 month agreements include:

  • Review of the company's business in terms of business model, solvency, current cost structure, financing, marketing strategy, competitive strengths and weaknesses.
  • Establishment of target operating profits and target cost structure for the company.
  • Establishment of restructuring strategies to fulfil target operating profits and target cost structure.
  • Assisting with implementing agreed restructuring strategies.
  • Monitoring of implementation of agreed restructuring strategies.
  • Assisting with negotiations with financiers and creditors as required.
  • Monitoring of operations on a daily or weekly basis with simple and practical reporting systems.
  • Upgrading of marketing strategies, product range, and competitiveness for the chosen market segments of the business as required.
  • Ensuring accurate accounting for the business including monthly management accounting with reporting by the 7th of the following month with comparisons with budget.

Specialist Business Services

Specialist services which are charged on time basis include:

  • Systems analysis, review and upgrade of organisation structure, documentation of job descriptions, review of processes and procedures and development of Procedures and Operations Manual. Also preparation of business plans.
  • Provision of outsourced bookkeeping and administration services.
  • Provision of outsourced sales management services.
  • Provision of outsourced operations management services.

Our Process

Business Restructuring



We begin with meetings with the directors and undertake an initial review of the business to establish its present position and current issues.

Turnaround Management


Financial Position

We review the current cost structure of the business thoroughly to determine true level of profit or loss. We will then work with directors to establish the cost structure needed.

Business Turnaround


Vision & Strategy

Once the model for the future cost structure of the business has been established, we work with directors to clarify and develop the vision and strategies for the business.

Business Consultant



We work with directors to oversee the implementation of strategies and ensure appropriate simple practical reporting systems are in place.

Management Consultant


On Going Monitoring

To assist this monitoring, we institute practical operational indicators to keep management's fingers on the pulse of the business.

Business solutions


Providing Direction

Our weekly management meetings help to bring management's focus back to dealing with the important issues that will move their business forward.