Business Turnaround Services provides Operations & People Management to address any critical issues and to make sure that your business runs smoothly day after day.

Our work includes working with teams of subcontractors to manage the daily operations of the business, managing the teams and the workflow and overseeing the various areas of the business such as design, manufacturing, installers and contractors.

Our Operations Manager is also able to review the operations of your business to ensure that appropriate practices are in place for streamlined and efficient operations. Accountability measures will also be put in place and linked back to administration systems.

Operations Management is part of the Business Services we offer and is additional to our standard contract. Our Operations Manager is able to work with you for a set number of hours per week at a set hourly rate.

Organisational Structure

At Business Turnaround Services, we provide analysis of your company's organisational structure, review it, upgrade it and document it along the way. This will clearly define the lines of responsibility and communication in your business along with appropriate accountability.  We will assist and oversee the implementation of the new organisational structure in your business.

Job Descriptions

Each job position is reviewed and documented along with performance expectations and performance indicators as required.

Business Process and Procedures

Each process and procedure will be reviewed and updated as required. After the new procedures are documented Business Turnaround Services will then partner with you to implement changes.

Operations and Procedures Manuals

The operations and procedures manual clearly outlines your organisational structure, lines of communication, responsibility and accountability, business processes, and job descriptions so your  business works in the most efficient and effective manner.   New staff members will also benefit from this document as they will be able to quickly get up to speed on how your company operates.

Business Plans

Business Turnaround Services will work with you to research, create and develop a simple business plan to give you a clear road map for the future of your business.