Our Services: IT Services

Manual Paper Processes

Manual/Paper Processes eg timesheets:

  • Selection and implementation of Apps and integration with Accounting software

Spreadsheet Scripting

  • Linking and integration of a multitude of Spreadsheets

Cloud Based Software

Selection and Implementation

  • Accounting
  • Job Management
  • CRM

Software Integration

Integration of Standalone Software Programs

  • Saves double entry of same data
  • Improves accuracy and consistency of data

Our Business Process Automation Team are very experienced in software selection and implementation on site and in the field.

Summary of Process

  • Improve business process, reduce manual procedure, and increase productivity by implementing cost-effective software solutions.
  • System Status
  • System Analysis
  • Business Process Analysis
  • GAP Analysis
  • Requirement Analysis

Identify business process pain points in your overall IT system to reduce cost and increase productivity.


  • Review and Recommend end-to-end software solutions that support business process improvement and cost reduction.
  • Document custom system design for IT system development.
  • Liaise with software vendors on business IT requirements.
  • Implement software solutions and provide staff training and ongoing support.
  • Facilitate and support business process automation and implementation.

Our support platform takes away all the technical complexities, letting you focus on the growth and success of your company with complete peace of mind.

Infrastructure solutions must also be adaptable to a dynamic environment. At Business Turnaround Services, we use enterprise-wide standards to design, build, and maintain a compliant infrastructure to meet all requirements.

Our IT infrastructure services include:

  • Remote Support & Help Desk operations.
  • Server administration and management.
  • Desktop support and maintenance.
  • Consultancy Services (assessment & planning, network management, performance monitoring, capacity planning)
  • Website and email management services.
  • Technology research, acquisition, and transformation.
  • Implementation of policies and processes (ITIL certified and compliant)
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Systems & Network Documentation.
  • Business Turnaround Services can partner with you to assist your business to realise its full potential.
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