Business Turnaround Services is your partner in the process of moving your business from a period of losses to profits and negative cash flow to positive cash flow.

Our Business Turnaround and Business Improvement services include:

  • Review of the company‚Äôs business in terms of solvency, current cost structure, financing, marketing strategy, competitive strengths and weaknesses.
  • Establishment of target operating profits and target cost structure for the company.
  • Establishment of restructuring strategies to fulfill target operating profits and target cost structure.
  • Assistance with implementing agreed restructuring strategies.
  • Monitoring of implementation of agreed restructuring strategies.
  • Assisting with negotiations with financiers and creditors as required.
  • Monitoring of operations on a daily or weekly basis with simple and practical reporting systems.
  • Reviewing of business model and assisting with restructuring it where appropriate.
  • Upgrading of marketing strategies, product range, and competitiveness for the chosen market segments of the business as required.
  • Ensuring accurate accounting for the business including monthly management accounting with reporting by the 7th of the following month with comparisons with budget.
  • Reviewing of current Organisation Structure and upgrade as required along with ensuring all job descriptions are documented.