• Do the same thing, get the same results
  • Make small changes, get limited results
  • Make radical changes, get radical results
  • Means stepping into the unknown
  • Experienced specialist in SME whole of Business Turnaround or Business Restructuring required to lead a radical Business Turnaround supported by Team of specialists
    1. Management Consultants
    2. Management Accountants
    3. Operations Managers
    4. IT Process Automation Professionals
    5. Marketing Professionals
  • Functional (versus dysfunctional) Board, CEO, and Senior Management Team
  • Commitment to transforming the Business no matter what it takes
  • Major on the Major
  • Get urgent control of the finances and other key issues
  • Get the management team on board
  • Be REAL
  • Outline the Plan
  • Develop strategic plan including
    1. Target Net profit margin
    2. Balance Sheet management
    3. People management
    4. Operational excellence
    5. End to end processes
    6. Strong growth plan
    7. Effective sales management
  • Allocate Resources
  • Implement the strategic plan
    1. Project Manage
    2. Major on the Major
  • Create a Healthy Business
    1. Right Numbers
    2. Right People
    3. Right Processes
    4. Right People
    5. Strong Growth
  • Create a Valuable Saleable Asset
  • Exit Strategy - sale or succession


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