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Business Restructuring

Need BUSINESS RESTRUCTURING? Is your EXTREME FINANCIAL DISTRESS leading to LOSING your Business, LOSING your Home, LOSING your Marriage?

Save your Business with Business Turnaround Services, a Specialist in whole of business RESTRUCTURING for $3m to $75m+ turnover businesses.

How do you know you need to restructure your business?

  • Economic or industry downturn.
  • Flawed business model.
  • Serious management issues.
  • Lack of accountability throughout your business.
  • Low profitability - no target net profit, high cost of sales, excessive overheads.
  • Declining sales, declining gross profit margins and rapidly declining net profits.
  • Poor gross profit management.
  • Ineffective sales & marketing including poor strategy, ineffective sales and account management, low performance of sales team and lack of KPI’s.
  • Serious operational issues/problems including poor performance, lack of productivity, poor processes, lack of KPI’s and poor service delivery.
  • Lack of accurate and timely financial information.
  • Natural negative cash flow cycle.
  • Cash flow problems.
  • Poor debtor or inventory management.
  • Overdue creditors.
  • Unpaid tax and/or superannuation.
  • Excessive debt, excessive lifestyle and undisciplined spending.
  • Trying to borrow more money.

Are you willing to ask for help? If so, WHEN?

Who can help me?

Business Turnaround Services goal is to be your first choice for creating wealth throughout your business by taking a whole of business approach to restructuring or turning around your business. We address your sales & marketing, operational and financial issues/problems to grow and build your business into a viable, profitable and sustainable business with a long term future.

Our services include:

  • Setting target net profit and target cost structure. We will accept nothing less than 10% of sales as net profit and in some industries much higher.
  • Determining strategies to achieve target net profit and target cost structure.
  • Implementing restructure of your business to achieve target net profit and target cost structure.
  • Developing strategies for your business out to 10 years in the future.
  • Exit strategies and succession strategies where required.
  • Upgrading marketing strategies.
  • Upgrading and renewing sales teams and account management.
  • Driving performance through the operations of your business, whether it be factory, inventory management, warehouse, front of shop or service delivery.
  • Focused gross profit management.
  • Reliable, accurate cash flow forecasting on weekly basis for 6, 8, or 13 weeks with updating weekly.
  • Reliable, accurate and timely profit & loss and balance sheet reports monthly by the 7th of the following month.
  • Strict and disciplined management of debtors and terms of trade with your customers.
  • Management of creditors, tax office and negotiation of payment plans where required.
  • Preparation for administration or liquidation and legal sale of business assets to a new company and addressing liabilities under personal guarantees if financial distress is extreme.
  • Setting up projects complete with all tasks to implement each of the above as required and then manage the projects to achieve planned outcomes.
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Transforming extreme financial distress into reliable, sustainable profits in $3m to $75m turnover businesses.

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