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Our staff have many years of experience and can efficiently handle the outsourcing of your bookkeeping and administration requirements should you require this service.


Business Turnaround Services can help you keep your books up-to-date.  We are especially skilled at taking incomplete accounting records and making the correct adjustments, reconciling your accounts and bringing all records up to date. While doing this, we will help you setup the appropriate systems to ensure proper accounting moving forward.

Monthly Reports

As part of our standard 12 month contract we ensure accurate, reconciled, and timely monthly Profit and Loss reports are prepared on an accrual basis along with the Balance Sheet.

Management Accounting

  • Forward Looking Accounting.
  • Focuses on forward-looking analysis to aid business decisions.
  • Helps examine your business’ performance via weekly, monthly, and one-off reports/ analysis.

Cash flow Management

  • Annual Cash Flow Budget.
  • 13 Week Rolling Cash Flow Forecast, updated weekly.
  • Monitoring of cash conversion cycle.

Financial Analysis

  • Comparative Analysis Reporting & Trend Analysis
    1. Profit and Loss (Sales, Gross Profit, Operating Expenses and Net Profit)
    2. Product Sales (by Brand, Sales Territory and Distribution Channel)
    3. 3-years comparative analysis of financial reports (e.g. Balance Sheet)
  • Analysis as % of Sales.
  • Financial Ratios Analysis.

Monthly Review

  • Conduct monthly financial review
  • Provide commentary on financial reports

Other Services

  • KPI Reporting Weekly – Sales, Operations, Financial versus targets
  • Budgets, 3 Ways (as required by Banks), Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, and Cashflow out to 3 Years
  • Analysis of Financial Reports and presentation of relevant financial information including Actuals v Budget, accounting ratios, etc for Advisory Board and Board Meetings
  • Design of Chart of Accounts for Management decision making
  • Quoting templates
  • Job Costing Actual vs. Quote
  • Establish and Deliver Services in accordance with the SLA (Service Level Agreement) with you, the client
  • All Staff are Qualified and Experienced Management Accountants, most are Chartered (CPA) along with Management Accounting Qualifications
  • Strong Systems & Processes with disciplined supervision and accountability

Financial Controller Services

  • All Management Accounting Services
  • Strategic Planning, Implementation Assistance, Monitoring and Review
  • Business Process Reviews + Recommendations for improvement for Accountability, complete invoicing, timely debt collections, and cost reduction
  • Business Plan Preparation
  • Business Review Reports for Directors, Management, and Financiers
  • Bank Reviews – preparation of full reporting as required by Lenders
  • Working Capital/Funds Management
  • Finance Applications – Analysis of funding options and preparation of applications, including financial reports to include in Finance Applications
  • Establish/Review of Accounting policies, standards and procedures
  • Oversee bookkeeping activities (end of month/year closing of books)


Review and Report on Status of Business Compliance including:

  • IAS, BAS, PAYG Summary, Payroll Tax Returns, Insurances, ASIC Reviews lodgements, payments, etc
  • Fair Work Act, Employer Compliance
  • Licences, Registrations and Renewals


  • Rates start at $49/hour + gst, no superannuation, holiday pay, public holiday pay, sick pay, payroll tax, or Workers Compensation Premium to pay (equals approximately $36/hour base pay on basis of full time employment).
  • No absenteeism, sick leave, or holiday leave to cover for.


  • All Staff are Qualified and Experienced Accountants
  • Strong Systems & Processes with disciplined supervision
  • Cash flow Management including 13 Week Cash flow Forecast updated weekly
  • Full accrual Accounting, instead of cash Accounting, with End of Month journal entries including depreciation
  • Initial Review and Assessment of Accounts
  • Execute clean up of accounts as required
  • Establish and Deliver in accordance with the SLA (Service Level Agreement) with the client
  • Accurate and timely:
    1. Customer Sales Invoicing
    2. Supplier Invoice Processing with formal approval process
    3. Preparation of Payroll
  • Preparation of ABA file for Payroll and Supplier pay runs
  • Collections:
    1. Establish Debt Collection Metrics
    2. Document and Review Client’s Credit Processes
    3. Credit Application, Approval and Credit Limit Policy
    4. Terms of Trade/Contract Provisions and Security
    5. Establish best practice end to end Documentation
    6. Review and Update the Client’s Accounts Receivables Ledger, including customer contact details
    7. Clean up Accounts Receivables Ledger including full reconciliation of Ledger
    8. Collect overdue Customer Invoices (daily)
    9. Assist in Resolution of Disputed Invoices
    10. Take Enforcement action against delinquent debtors with approval of client
    11. Recommend and Implement Bad Debt Write Off Policy
    12. Manage Age of Accounts Receivables as per Metrics
    13. Implement Weekly Reporting to Financial Controller/Managing Director
  • Routine and scheduled reconciliation of all Accounts
  • Maintain and Balance Subsidiary Ledger Accounts, General Ledger, and Historical Accounts.
  • Preparation of accurate, timely, and accrual based Monthly Profit & Loss Statements & Balance Sheet
  • Preparation and Presentation of weekly PowerPoint status Report of all Bookkeeping processes and identification of issues + recommendations for cost reduction opportunities through improved processes and automation.
  • Set-up Accounting System and Software Properly
  • Set-up of Chart of Accounts


  • Preparation of IAS, BAS, PAYG Summary, Payroll Tax Returns, Insurances, ASIC Reviews etc
  • Fair Work Act, Employer Compliance
  • Registrations and Renewals


  • General Office Administration
  • Maintenance of Employee Records
  • Assistance in Staff Recruitment


  • Rates start at $33/hour + gst, no superannuation, holiday pay, public holiday pay, sick pay, or payroll tax, or Workers Compensation Premium to pay (equals approximately $8.75/hour on $24.25/hour base permanent pay).
  • No absenteeism, no sick leave or annual leave to cover.
  • Business Turnaround Services can partner with you to assist your business to realise its full potential.
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