Business Turnaround Services

We specialise in implementing turnaround and transformation of $3m-$20m+ SME businesses plus provision of outsourced services required by SMEs. We take a whole of business approach focusing on Marketing, Sales, Operations, and Financial Management, with everything being driven by the Target Net Profit Margin as a percentage of Sales, but nothing less than 10%. We have a team of specialists including Management Consultants, Management Accountants, Bookkeepers, IT Consultants, Business Process Automation Professionals, and Digital Marketing Specialists.

Our Team

Business Turnaround Management Consultant, Business Advisor
Don Robertson Head of Business Turnaround  
Business Turnaround Client people management
Gai Robertson Head of Client People Management
Business Turnaround Management Consultant
Ahmad Hadi Head of Management Consulting
Business Turnaround Business process automation
Mario Matuguina Head of Business Process Automation
Business Turnaround Management Accounting Service
Daisy Rafinian Head of Management Accounting Service
Business Turnaround bookkeeping compliance and Adminstration
Cheryl Valenzuela Head of Bookkeeping, Compliance & Administration
Business Turnaround IT Infrastructure, Support and Maintenance
Francis Santos Head of Managed IT Services
Business Turnaround web development
Jerson Galvez Web Developer
Business Turnaround web development
Mark Joseph Cases Social Media Specialist
Business Turnaround SEO
Ronnie Maurillo SEO Specialist


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